About Us

Roger Karlsson

CEO | Owner

Phone: +46 736 640 333

Email: roger@anrproduction.com

Roger started his career in 2013 by sheer coincidence and one of the first recordings he made was "The 100 Code" with Michael Nyqvist and Dominiq Monaghan (The Lord of the Rings & Lost). Since then he has had over 100 different recordings in front of the camera. Roger wanted to see the whole film industry, so he got an offer to start working for German Bavaria Fiction / Fernseh Production from Munich and has since worked during their time in Sweden, from the summer of 2014 to 2019. He has gained invaluable experience in feature film production. He has also participated in several Swedish successes in Film and Television both in front of and behind the camera.

His nickname is "The Wizard" when he finds solutions to everything.

- I don't see problems, only solutions.

Andreas Andersson

Owner | Producer | Writer

Phone: +46 765 612 499

Email: andreas@anrproduction.com


Andreas started as an actor in 2012.

- I remember jumping on a train for a 7-8 hours travel just to go to an audition. Yet I didn't know anything about acting or movies for that matter, still I got the part as a villain in a feature film.

He started a career in films after that with a leading role in a short film back in 2013.

He has now spent his last years focusing on his passion which is writing screenplays. He recently finished the feature script "A Good Day To Kill" which is being made later this year.

- It's my job to make your ideas come to life.

A&R stands for Andreas and Roger.

Two friends who started this company years ago, under another name. Together they bring years of experience in both film and television. Everything from acting to working behind the camera. From managing extras to taking care of transportation and liability for vehicles. From location scouting to writing screenplays.